Maine Mura – The Future of Period Care

Coming soon to Rarotonga senior classes!

Coming soon to Rarotonga senior classes!

Sustainable alternatives to your everyday sanitary disposables.

New Zealand's first period underwear brand, here to unpack the stigma around periods.

Made from natural, organic, recycled fabrics.

Maine Mura makes its way to Mauke

Women's health and reusable feminine hygiene awareness for our Cook Islands woman has made its way to Mauke. The Maine Mura programme includes presentations on how to use and look after your reusable products as well as the economic savings and environmental benefits associated with reusable products.

Both Apii Mauke and the wider Mauke community were informed on the new reusable products introduced.

Meitaki Ranuinui to United Nations in the Pacific for making it possible to share new knowledge and well being products with our local community.

No more financial burden on single-use products

Small choice. Big difference.

A cleaner and greener planet

Helping to make a cultural shift that values quality over wastefulness.