Titikaveka College

Titikaveka College Year 10 students environmental photography

The Titikaveka College year 10 ‘Visual Arts’ class of 2020 are one of 6 high schools we are working with in our environmental photography programme.

The programme exposes students to various local environmental issues and introduces students to alternative ways of communicating environmental messages and activating awareness.

There are 13 individual photos which have been displayed at the LBV Café in Muri. Each depict an environmental message which was of personal significance to the students represented in the programme. Issues range from waste management to local biodiversity, climate change and coastal protection measures.

Meitaki ma’ata to Turama Photography for equipping our student with the skills to capture meaningful images, and to the visual arts class of 2020 for given us an insight into how our youth see our Ipukarea today.


Kiani Hand

Teau Maui

Temaria Rae

Penina Katuke

Taaviri Nicholas

Junior Sila

Veivei Tauakume

Samuel George

Tony Robert

Metua-Douglas Foster Reddick

Malachy Whiting

Kimberly Uini

Brave Ngamata