Maine Mura – Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products

Maine Mura - Paparoa Adventist School

Papaaroa Adventist School

Papaaroa Adventist School was the first of 5 senior schools on Rarotonga to receive the Maine Mura campaign. The awareness raising programme on reusable feminine hygiene products is being offered to year 9-13s. Papaaroa school goes up to year 10 and had a total of 12 young ladies participate in the programme.

Cook Islands Family Welfare Association (CIFWA) who also play a big role in the programme, allocated registered nurse Alexanna Thorp and Leilani Vano to start the presentations off by educating the students about the female anatomy and what to expect during the menstrual cycle.

Of the three reusable products that were presented, the ‘period undies’ were the favourite choice amongst the girls. Period undies look and feel like underwear. They keep you dry for up to 4 hours, can last for up to 6 months - 2 years depending on how well you look after them, and of course, saves you money and our environment.

One comment made by one of the students was “where can we buy these items?”. Currently, moon cups are available from CITC pharmacy. The period undies and reusable pads however are not currently being sold on island. TIS will run a feasibility study to see if there is initial interest with period undies on island via the schools programme, before reaching out to partners in NZ and local retailers. As for the reusable pads. Entrepreneurial students that are skilled sewers will be encouraged to getting into the niche market of locally made reusable pads.

Maine Mura is also very much about breaking stigmas around periods and creating a safe space where students feel comfortable to ask any questions they may have.

Meitaki maata to CIFWA for providing the skills in health care, and meitaki ranuinui to UNESCO participation programme, for allowing participating students to trial either a moon cup, or two pairs of period undies, as well as receiving a reusable pad kit all for free.

Maine Mura in Mauke

Women's health and reusable feminine hygiene awareness for our Cook Islands woman has made its way to Mauke. The Maine Mura programme includes presentations on how to use and look after your reusable products as well as the economic savings and environmental benefits associated with reusable products.

Both Apii Mauke and the wider Mauke community were informed on the new reusable products introduced.

Meitaki Ranuinui to UN Women for making it possible to share new knowledge and well being products with our local community in the Pa 'Enua (outer islands)