An hour to shape our future

An hour to shape our future

An hour to shape our future

Earth Hour 2022 focuses on the theme #ShapeOurFuture. Meaning, what small positive environmental changes you make in your day to day routine today, can make a BIG difference for the future years still to come.

Since 2007 Earth Hour has been a growing grassroots movement raising awareness for climate change and the environment. The concept of putting an hour aside without the use of lights is a global event that calls attention to raise awareness about the issues surrounding climate change.

Today, Saturday the 26th of March we will be joining supporters from more than 190 countries and territories by switching off our lights between 8.30pm and 9.30 pm to ensure a brighter future for people and the planet.

The global initiative has major buy in from well known landmarks around the world such as the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Times Square in New York City, who will all be turning off their lights in support of the movement to #ShapeOurFuture.

Social movements like Earth Hour have been linked with positive international change such as driving legislative change in the reduction of energy use in Brunei, putting a 10-year freeze on new oil projects in the Arctic from Russia, and fighting deforestation in Uganda. Earth Hour has also helped inspire public pressure that led to 5 million sq km of French Polynesia’s Exclusive Economic Zone being classified as a Managed Marine Area – helping preserve vital marine ecosystems for present and future generations.

To spice the Earth Hour campaign up in the Cook Islands. Te Ipukarea Society also suggests the alternative idea of working with an hour of the day that suits you

For example, your Earth hour may include; spending an hour outside in your garden or exploring a hiking trail, collecting rubbish from your local beach, cleaning your village stream or even bussing, biking or walking to work rather than driving. One could even consider putting an hour aside to listen to a podcast on whether it be, how to make an epic organic veggie garden at home or what a transition to a green tech future might look like. Or even take an hour to research online about the negative impacts on our environment of overfishing or the potential damage that could be caused by deep sea mining.

Local restaurants or accommodations may opt to implement some neat ideas. Pacific Resort Rarotonga has, in the past,  had candlelight dinners, with a fire show dance accompanied with an unplugged live band show. The team from Pacific Resort also showcased to guests how candlenut was once used for its lighting properties

Earth Hour is becoming an ever-increasing event every year, with more individuals and countries joining the grassroots movement. So whether you choose to pull out the candles and light it up from 8.30 - 9.30 pm or put an hour aside during the day to go green, know that your small action today can #ShapeOurFuture for a better tomorrow.