Mana Tiaki

Funds Distribution

Climate Change – Funds have assisted a learning by doing project whereby school students in the outer islands have been introduced to various weather instruments and taught how to interpret up coming weather patterns. This project is aimed at strengthening resilience around disaster risk management, as our outer island communities are more prone to cyclones and sea level rise.

Waste Management – Continued work within schools around the Cook Islands has been made with the worm farm and composting training sessions, teaching students and those interested from the community the benefits of composting as opposed to burning organic waste, which is a common practice amongst all islands

Eco sustainable Management – Mana Tiaki refresher trainings have taken place amongst participating Mana Tiaki accommodation along with a Mana Tiaki out-reach to those accommodators that are not yet on board. Funds have also assisted in costs required for the anti -purse seine fishing court case against government held in the middle of 2017.

Biodiversity – Herald petrel (sea bird) surveys have been carried out on Rarotonga to gain a better idea of its current population. Continued surveys are currently being carried out determine whether the Herald petrel population is breeding on Rarotonga. A biennial survey of the Kakerori (endemic Rarotongan Flycatcher) population was conducted with the team from the Department of Conservation (DOC) to band and weigh any unbranded birds and fledglings.

Youth – Guided field trips for local schools up the Takitumu Conservation Area TCA have been made by TIS staff to teach students more about the endemic Kakerori (Rarotongan Flycater), its history and what conservation efforts are currently in place. The field trips have also discussed native and introduced plant species found within the TCA and other native birds the TCA holds.