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Ikurangi Eco Retreat

Ikurangi Eco Retreat

The luxurious safari tents of Ikurangi Eco Retreat provide a ‘glamping’ experience like no other. Ikurangi Eco Retreat is the first purpose-built eco accommodation in the Cook Islands and thrives on eco friendly accommodation practices. Minimising the retreats effects on the environment are achieved through

•Chemical free and plant based products for cleaning and guest toiletries
•Luxury Safari tents built on shallow foundations to minimize our effect on the land
•Modern composting toilets in each tent
•The use of sustainably sourced materials for structures and furniture
•Chemical free and plant based products for cleaning and guest toiletries
•Only standing fans and natural ventilation, no air conditioning
•Reuse of wastewater to irrigate our gardens
•Limited use of single-use packaging and plastics
•Recycling and composting initiatives
•Low energy use lightbulbs
•100% organic tropical gardens
•Free bicycles for all guests to help minimize your transport footprint

Muri Beachcomber

Muri Beachcomber

Location Location Location, Muri Beachcomber has it all with its lush tropical garden setting and beautiful spot on the renowned Muri Beach. Because of its precious position, Muri Beachcomber ensure their roll as being a guardian of our treasured environment is achieved through a number of eco friendly practices. Green initiatives applied throughout the accommodation include the use of a variety of sustainable recycling approaches. Examples include the use of

•3 sets of Recycling bins
•A Microfiber cleaning system
•The use of Phosphate free cleaning products only.
•Eco knit linen used within all rooms
•The use of LED light bulbs only throughout accommodation
•Key cards required for air-conditioning systems
•Dual flush toilets
•Banana plants used over their soak pit to assist with filtration system
•Solar heating used for hot water system
•Filtered water available to all rooms to reduce build up of plastic water bottles

Waste Management is achieved by

•Delivering all green waste to the Titikaveka Growers Association weekly, in order to be reused and turned into compost.
•All bottles, cans and glass are picked up twice a week and recycled by the local landfill.

Additional eco-friendly practices include

•A “no service”, “No towel change”, “No sheet change” door hanger option for guests
•Laundry = line dried as much as possible
•The use of eco-friendly machines that use less water, power and gas respectively
•A planned preventative maintenance system is also in place .i.e septic tanks emptied every two years.

Manuia Beach Resort

Manuia Beach Resort

Located on the sunset coast of Rarotonga you will find the stunning Manuia Beach Resort. Manuia, take great pride in ensuring they too contribute towards a clean green nation by reducing their environmental impact through various eco-friendly measures. Green practices conducted throughout Manuia’s main resort includes

•Supplying recycling bins within all rooms, along with separating and recycling all rubbish generated
•Bottled water is not supplied on the resort, but instead water jugs are provided with free UV filtered water for all guests
•All light bulbs used on the premises are energy efficient
•Most of Manuia’s external lighting are powered by solar energy and on timers for energy efficiency
•All garden rubbish is reused and sent to Mulchers for composting
•All hot water to rooms is solar heated
•All cardboard is recycled
•All scrap metal and glass is sent to General Transport for recycling
•All rooms have an environmental message to encourage guests to use less towels along with using the air conditioning unit and fans wisely

Eco-friendly practices also take place within Manuia’s tropical island beachfront Restaurant, and include

•The recycling of all glass and cans used within the Restaurant
•No bottled water for sale but instead free UV filtered water is available through a large dispenser for guests to help themselves
•All food scraps go to a local pig farmer
•All light bulbs used are energy savers

Pacific Resort

Pacific Resort

A boutique hotel and resort that offers premium properties along with a personable holiday experience that leave guests feeling rejuvenated, inspired and wanting to share their experience with others. Pacific Resorts charm is further enhanced through their various eco friendly practices
Energy conservation is achieved through*
•Solar water heating systems within all rooms
•Key tags used within all rooms to ensure non-essential power is switched off as guests vacate rooms
•Power consumption is read daily and analysed weekly, to identify where large demands are being expended and where costs saving initiatives have occurred.
•LED room and outside spot lights have been installed throughout the resort.
•Garden and public area lighting are either on light sensors or timing mechanisms.
•2 solar power scooters are used by maintenance staff when picking up supplies within the local village
•A black piping system laid on top of the production kitchen provides solar water heating for the swimming pool

Water conservation
•Water conservation information cards have been placed in all bathrooms for guests to play their part in power and water conservation.
•Water reduction objectives and goals are regularly promoted to staff through regular staff meetings and within staff handbooks.
•Irrigation used on gardens are from treated septic water as apposed to captured rain water

Rubbish disposal
•Recycling is the over-arching principle that governs how Pacific Resort treats their rubbish.
•Each department has its own recycling procedures and responsibilities, a separating recycling station has been designed to assist in effective rubbish disposal.
•All green waste is taken to the local growers association to be turned into compost.
•All organic and food waste is collected and provided to local pig farmers
•Bottles and plastics are put in large sacks and then transported to the landfill.
•Department heads rotate on weekly rosters and inspect recycling efforts within the resort daily.
•A designated recycling area for guest has been made available, should guest decide to recycle their own waste
•All cardboard packaging is flattened and stacked for major supply companies to remove and be shipped off the island. This also happens for any E-Waste collected on a quarterly basis
•Because cooking oil does not break down in the ground, two of Pacific Resorts diesel trucks have been converted to run on the filtered cooking oil waste

Sewerage and effluent
•A state of the art processing plant has been installed and is continually upgraded to ensure its on-going effectiveness. The treated water still has elements of phosphates and nitrates, and these are dispersed throughout the resort gardens resulting in the rich foliage throughout the resort.

Use of local products
•Pacific Resort are advocates for sourcing and using local vegetables and fruits. High market prices are paid out for all local foods purchased cementing long-term relationships with local growers.

Aro'a Beachside Inn

Aro'a Beachside Inn

Located on one of Rarotonga’s most beautiful beaches, on the Western side of the island, Aro’a Beachside Inn are trying to do their part to protect their little paradise. Their Eco-friendly practices include:

Biolytix wastewater treatment plant.
LED & low energy light bulbs.
Flow restricters fitted in all showers.
Recycling bins in every room. All rubbish is separated for recycling.
(All Matutu beer bottles returned for recycling. Apparently we have the highest rate on the island for Matutu recycling!)
Phosphate-free laundry powder.
Changing to biodegradable/environmentally friendly cleaning products, soaps etc.
Encourage guests to conserve water and electricity.
All water is solar heated.
Solar panels on new building (Te Aponga approved).

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