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Sabine showing the Queens Representative how to turn rubbish into fashion

Making fashion from tita
Sabine Janneck, TIS Exec Member has designed a hands on way to tackle our growing plastic waste issue. Using the packaging from chip and biscuit packets, Sabine makes these stunning bags, clutches and boxes. She is currently in discussions with a number of shops and schools around the island to collect their old chip packets to avoid ending up in the landfill or being burnt. There has been widespread interest about the initiative with CITV and CI News doing interviews with the TIS Exec member. As a TIS member, you can support Sabine’s efforts by collecting your suitable packets and dropping them off to the TIS office for recycling.

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Ensuring their future

Lagoon Day this year was held on July 17 and 18, at Punanga Nui Market. June Hosking once again did a fantastic job in the leadership and coordination of the event and TIS would like to say Meitaki Maata to her for that. The caliber of the stall holders and presenters this year was outstanding and based on questionnaires answered by students, everyone had a great time! It was great to see a number of TIS members popping by on their lunch breaks or volunteering on different aspects of Lagoon Day. For those of you who couldn’t make it, our stall focused on one of our key areas, ecologically sustainable development, namely eco-tourism. The stall was manned by Kelvin and his two daughters, Sieni and Hareta who did a great job of keeping the students engaged and interested in the topic. We focused on the local businesses who are doing their bit to lessen their footprint through tourism and even had a surprise visit from the Pacific Resort bio-fuel truck on the Friday.

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